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steel and 77- year-old technology that, at least 77-year-old technology, if not older used to design it. as you start cutting in to the bridge, particularly to the steel, the load and weight is shifting to the other areas. >> people are using the bike and pedestrian path. they will probably see a lot of equipment. they are not going to see a whole lot of activity. it's not really an eye level. they will certainly hear it, particularly if you're in the bike and pedestrian path. the next phase will start early next year. that's when they start removing the steel bridge you see. scott rates, kron4 news. >> the end of daylight saving time, sunset will be an hour earlier. will the hours of the bay bridge bike path. the path has new winter hours from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. it suggests if you're planning to walk, head out before 4:00 p.m. to have enough time. the winter hours will be in effect until march 1st. >>> randy olana will be in court exercising his right to a speedy hearing. alana, in charge of his ex- girlfriend, sandra coke. coke went missing back in august. her body was found five
isn't your old technology. 77 year old technology >> reporter: are people driving on the bridge? they will not be able to see a lot of that act activity but they will be able to hear it. >> reporter: should take about six weeks to complete and then the next stage will start early next year. reporting along the old eastern span of the bridge, for a new spirit >> catherine: there's a new push for an earthquake early warning system in california. ".21 seconds" >> catherine: this is a prototype developed at u-c berkeley -- it's already in limited use here in the bay area. but a los angeles state senator wants to make it available across california. information is relayed from >> catherine: sensors near fault lines.and alerts can be sent to thousands of people on cell phones. there would be a warning of about a minute. >> catherine: which could be enough time for bart and other rail lines to slow or even stop trains. >> catherine: parents and students at a san jose school spent a year raising money to buy new laptops and i-pads for the computer lab. but now - many of them have been
. >> reporter:other than that they said they can not reveal sensitive proprietary information, new technologies, and other trade secrets. >> reporter:so atleast we know it's not something that could harm the bay or us living nearby the uk's daily mail online sent people here who rented a boat to get close and get pictures of the barge they claim they saw and got these pictures of a 3rd barge being built at the same place of the existing treasure island barge. >> reporter:the latest rumor about the barge is that it's a new type of mobile show room for google products. a show room that can be disasembled and reasembled easily in different parts of the country. the containers on the barge can separate and be driven to various loctions in a city, then picked up, brought back to the ship and off the ship goes onto the next port >> reporter:so something like a giant floating showroom retail store. google has not confirmed anything yet. stay tuned for more on this swoosh. >> reporter:the ipad air is now officially on the market. it's apple's new high end full size tablet. it's called the "air" because
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3